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Looking for Steam (PC) clan mates

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Looking for Steam (PC) clan mates Empty Looking for Steam (PC) clan mates

Post  Callipygian on Sat Jan 12, 2013 3:48 pm

Hello everyone. Tired of playing with noobs and having my ass handed to me - looking for some clan mates that are good. I'm pretty deadly with all the characters I use (I don't use Froggy, Yuri, Skoll, or Vinnie).

I play almost everyday for an hour. Central North America time, but if you're online and want to play send me a message and 70% of the time I'll drop what I'm doing and play with you.

I figure if we can get maybe 8 or so clan mates we can have someone to play with online almost every evening, we can also have an awesome time.

If interested, hit me up on Steam. Username: Mr. Apples or VINNAALMA

Mention that you heard about me on this forum, otherwise I'll think ur a weirdo


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